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Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hahaha. While staring at the blank wall for almost an hour, I noticed that the initials of Unknown Breathing Object and Ultimate Fighting Championship has a similarity.

Both of their initials start with the letter U. Hahaha. And because of that, I will watch UFC 102 live. LOLOL.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

UFC 101 is not unknown!

Again, UFC 101 is not unknown! UFC 101 Live Stream is coming and all UFC fans around the world can’t wait to watch it! I hope my live streaming sites will work and will not lag while I’m watching UFC 101, specially in the main event. The match between BJ Penn and Froilan, and also the match between Silva and Griffin are the highlights of this event. Everybody is excited and can’t sleep because the verdict is near to come! UFC 101 Live Stream will soon begin!

If you want to watch UFC 101 Live Stream, I have a list of websites here. Good luck to everyone! Good luck also to all UFC fighters! May the best man win!